1050E Bungalow Knob Euro SB PB

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With a vast range of styles, you are bound to find the perfect Hardware fittings for your home. There are endless options available, from the colour to the shape of your key.

  • Made from solid Stamped Brass to allow for intricate detailing
  • Protective coating, our range of Door Handles can be used internally or externally, providing consistency throughout your home.
  • Most styles also have a matching Lever on Rose, or Mortice Knob which can be used on more discreet doors such as Robes and Pantries.

To ensure you are getting the perfect fit for your home - locks, latches and other internal mechanisms are sold separately. Each handle contains the pair for each side of your door and a spindle to pass through your lock or latch and connect the two. Different sizes and configurations are available to maximise the efficiency, and minimise the work. Our expert staff are available to help you with your order in-store or online through our contact us page.

Dimensions: Plate Size 197x68mm

Care Instructions: As our Handles have a protective coating, avoid using abrasive or chemical cleaners. Wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient.

'Bungalow' Door Furniture
Stamped Brass
Polished Brass

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