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Taking inspiration from styling trends from near and far, the exclusive Early Settler capsule range of homewares will bring an exciting new elegance to your home. Available in strictly limited numbers and for a limited time, in store and online.


Ready for a retro romance

The classic curve is back in style… and it’s never looked so good. Among the Early Settler stunning new range of curvaceous velvet sofas, armchairs and ottomans is a brand-new Art Deco inspired homewares collection: Retro Romance. “This vintage comeback is very cool, it’s perfect for those who love the 1920s curve,” says Early Settler homewares buyer, Mamta Johal. “Furniture styles come and go, but Art Deco has remained timeless throughout the decades.” Defined by jewel tones, metallics and luscious textures, you’ll find cushions and abstract prints to create a little bit of Gatsby-esque glam in your home.

Feeling a little Whimsical

It’s those little pops of playfulness that add personality to your spaces. The new Whimsical range of homewares includes colourful cushions, bunny décor and adorable accessories brimming with boho chic. “It’s the perfect collection for anyone looking for a laidback boho aesthetic in their home,” says Early Settler buyer, Mamta Johal. “Think quaint patterns, leafy designs, nature-inspired prints, gold accessories and cute ornaments.” This quirky collection was curated to be cute and cosy, yet with an elegant edge. Motifs from nursery rhymes and storybooks have a universal appeal. They evoke a nostalgic desire for the simple life of playfulness and wonder.

Fancy a Vintage Vacation?

Yearning for a tropical escape? Join the club. With international borders closed, exotic holidays off the cards and a collective yearning to reconnect with nature, the Vintage Vacation homewares collection is all about natural materials and tropical motifs to create a holiday ambience at home.

Want a slice of the Slow Life?

In a world of social media, spreadsheets, screentime and digital overstimulation, people are seeking an antidote to the hi-tech hysteria. Cue: Slow Life. Natural materials, muted colours and a more neutral aesthetic invite the viewer to exhale and gear down with this soothing homewares style exclusive to Early Settler.
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